The Life of a Mompreneur - Update

Life has been crazy. But oh so exciting.

I have enjoyed the past month so much. Meeting new people, learning about new products, making connections. It's been so great seeing everything unfold. Every positive thing is a huge milestone for us. A Facebook like, a view on our website or a newsletter sign up.

Since our launch I have really come to appreciate shopping local and supporting small businesses. I know it's not always possible - but I'm making such an effort to do it whenever I can.

I have met the most amazing mompreneurs - working hard to develop their business while raising their kids. What I've learned though is that it's easy to forget about yourself. "Mom Guilt" doesn't allow you to forget about your kids and hubby, so any free time goes to them or your business - but almost none goes to you. I'm lucky though that my fellow mompreneur friends have warned me about this happening and I've been trying hard to make sure this doesn't happen.

Because we all know, happy mom is a happy home.

Any mompreneurs out there? What are some of your tips for managing work, business, kids, hubby, friends and yourself?

Would love to hear them!