The life of a mompreneuer - Why?

Let's start with why I decided to launch a business.

For the past 6 years I have worked and currently work at two amazing organizations that help support entrepreneurs launch, grow and sustain their businesses. To say that I'm inspired by my work every single day - would not even begin to describe it.

I am surrounded by passionate, smart and incredibly hard working people every. single. day.

So how could I not want to start something of my own?

I've always been interested in the baby industry. Fascinated by the products and services. Especially after having two of my own little ones.

So, I just felt like now is as good as time as ever.

I'm lucky to be surrounded by a great support system that encourages and motivates me every day. Pushes me to be better and to not give up.

Because I'll tell you something, this is hard - and I'm only just getting started!

But every moment and milestone is exciting and every time I hit one of these I know that I was solely (well mostly) responsible for it.

There's one thing that I'm sure every mompreneuer can relate to, the motivation behind the business is our kids. But it doesn't make you feel any less guilty spending precious time away from them, trying to build your business.

It's a balance though, and I'm learning every day.


I would love to hear your thoughts and stories on why you got started - please feel free to leave them in the comments!